Claim your magic and unleash your  super power


 You don’t need answers, you need help asking yourself the right questions. You need a mirror to show you those things we can’t see in ourselves. Sometimes you need a guide to explore uncharted territory and sometimes a companion as you move forward. You’re a phenomenal woman and you’re ready to take your life to the next level.

You’ve got a desire to grow and reach beyond where you are now. You want to make even more room for the extraordinary to occur in your life. You’re ready to express yourself more fully, with more truth and be in even greater alignment.  

You’re on a mission and nothing will stop you.  You’re out to prove that the old rules no longer hold true.  It is possible to do what you love, love what you do, and create a life where your work is an extension of who you are and how you live.

You turn inward for answers and trust Divine Inspiration to guide you.  You know the importance of shaping your thoughts and actions to match your desired results. When mind, body and spirit are truly aligned, you’re unstoppable.You know that diving into your purpose is the path to growing your influence and serving others.  Loving yourself and honoring your passion lifts others up and heals the world.

You embrace your inner goddess and all the joys of human existence as you move towards knowing yourself at soul level.  You stand up, speak out, and stretch as you expand into the full knowledge of who you can be.

I help you keep expanding and deepening your understanding of who you are and all the possibilities in your life.  Self mastery is the key to your dreams/


Experience the power of a unique blend of psychology, shamanism, and energy work to clear the way and take things to the next level.  Book your complimentary session today!


“Brenda is a clinical psychologist with her own practice, a trained hypnosis therapist and a transformational coach, as well as an intuitive guide, teacher and shaman.  Basically, she’s a brilliant Priestess with a helluva lot of skills and there are not enough wonderful things I can say about her.”

–Mariska Anderson, Author

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