When you encounter a new challenge that is going to take you outside your usual way of being or acting in the world, do you ever find yourself feeling fear.  Or perhaps wondering when to move forward and when to listen to that part of you that says STOP?

Fear is generally experienced as intense and negative. It’s meant to signal danger and keep up from proceeding. Truth is that many of the things that trigger a fear response are not actually harmful, they are just taking us outside our comfort zone.

Fear is useful and we should stop and recognize it. Often it can be useful to ask yourself “what belief or story have I just come across that is creating this?”.

Pay attention to whether the action creating fear is aligned with your greater goal and whether that goal is aligned with your authentic intuitive self. (or alternatively, whether your monkey mind is stepping in and telling you stories…)

Often, you will find that your thinking is distorted or you have learned a belief that you need to challenge and release.

On the other hand, intuitive resistance is generally experienced as a wall or closing down of energy. It isn’t usually intense or even particularly uncomfortable. It is more subtle yet often very solid.

Again, your job is to stop and pay attention. Ask yourself if the actions are aligned with your greater good. Do you need to wait for more information or the timing to be better? Do you need to shift your actions to be in greater alignment?

Fear will keep you from reaching the result you want. Ultimately, intuitive resistance will shift you to be able to reach your desired endpoint.

I remember when I hired my first business coach, I was scared to spend the money and could come up with many reasons that I shouldn’t say yes. But when I stopped and thought about my goals, and attended to the value she brought and the ways in which her values aligned with mine, I moved forward with hiring her. I was still scared but I knew it was the right thing for me and it was. I just had to challenge some beliefs and false fears first.

There was another occasion when I was considering hiring a coach and it was so very enticing. (The sales pages was wonderful!) After a discovery call, I found myself trying to talk myself into hiring her. Yet there was a part of me putting up a silent solid resistance to following through. I sat with it and recognized that intuitively, I knew her values and mine were not aligned and it would not be in my best interest.

Can you separate fear and intuitive resistance?

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