Grace & Power 8 Week Mastermind

The Grace & Power Mastermind Program is designed to provide a circle of support, sisterhood, and learning to move you forward in your journey and bring about true meaningful transformations in your personal and work life. It is created to be a space where you can dive more deeply into your inner world and uncover the gifts that are waiting to be discovered yet.  It is about stepping into a place of empowerment and intuitive knowing that feels natural and easy.  


Do you know that you were meant for more but find yourself falling into old patterns rather than trusting your intuiton and connecting with your higher self?

Are you missing the support of like minded women who understand your yearnings and will celebrate your successes? 

Have you created success in your life, yet continue to feel as if there is something missing yet? 

Then you’re ready to dive deeper into your personal journey of self development, expansion, and connecting with your intuitive self.

The world needs women who are empowered, healthy, happy, connected and living a purposeful life. I want to support you to reach your fullest potential and create the richest fullest version of this journey we call life. This means that you know your worth and value your gifts. You are comfortable receiving and can be generous as you know how to fill your own cup. You trust yourself and trust that you are supported by the Divine (whatever form that takes for you). You know that it is time to go deeper and look within when you encounter challenges, and know how to do this in a purposeful effective manner. 

Join me to begin experiencing Grace & Power in your life:

  • Step into leadership in a way that feels right for you.
  • Be that woman who lights up the room when she shows up because she is fully present, alive, and connected to a deep source of energy.
  • Live your life in a way that is uniquely yours.
  • Trust yourself to navigate the challenges that will come your way.
  • Find joy and meaning in this journey back home.

You already know if this calls to you. And if you are here reading, chances are I had you in mind when I created this space.

You’ll find more information below to help you decide if this is for you.

Enrollment is OPEN for January 15th program start.

Membership will be limited in order to create a powerful space in which there is individualized attention to each and every mastermind member. 

What This Is:

  • A space for exploring, expanding and empowerment 
  • An opportunity for like-minded women to connect and support each other
  • A virtual fireside sister circle to show up and be seen and heard just as you are
  • A launching pad to rise together as powerful women of integrity and compassion
  • A space to expand your intuitive awareness as well as trust in yourself and the world
  • A space where you will interact and support each other to achieve goals and dreams
  • A space where you are invited to share your wisdom, knowledge and experience with others
  • A space where you can expect individualized attention
  • A supportive environment to declare goals, expect accountability, and create tangible outcome

What it Isn’t:

  • A course that only provides lessons and homework assignments that you complete on your own
  • A group where you sit quietly in the background observing and figuring things out for yourself
  • A place that focuses solely on business or financial goals
  • A place to absorb information without channeling it into action

The Grace & Power Mastermind looks like this:

8 Weeks Total

Weekly Learning Guide

  Weekly Guided Journey

4 Community Meetings

Secret FB Group

Bonus content by guest expert Nikki Brocco of Magical Soul Bitches

You can also expect opportunities to practice working with energy and intuition, and card readings and perhaps a few surprises.

**VIP Upgrade Option Available for Individual Support — Includes 4 calls biweekly throughout program **

Limited to 3-4 people


Lesson Topics


 One– Introductions and Getting Started

 Two– Foundation Work: Goals, Intentions, Routines and Practices

 Three– Shadow Work and Gifts 

 Four-Working with the Feminine Divine: Archetypes, Cycles, 

Five– Connecting with Your Intuitive Self

Six- Using Your Heart

Seven- Consciousness and Energy

Eight- Integration and Moving Forward

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3 months free access to Membership Program (and continue as long as desired at special introductory price)

Private coaching session to be used by March 1, 2019


Payment Options


Brenda is a gifted mentor and guide. She integrates proven psychological principles with the extraordinary power of shamanic healing practices and energywork. She helps her clients do the inner work that connects them to their purpose and intuitive know which becomes reflected in their leadership and lives. 

Brenda has a powerful ability to hold space and guide others to reach their highest potential and create a sense of freedom in their lives. Her education and experience as a clinical psychologist with over 25,000 client hours and as owner of a successful mental health clinic provides her with knowledge and abilities that that are exceptional.  The mix of science (psychology) and soul (shamanism and energy work) create powerful results for clients. Brenda is devoted to helping women create meaning, freedom, joy and abundance in all forms.

Let’s talk if you have questions or would like additional information.