Seriously, we all need a pity party once in awhile. The new list building activity flops, your guaranteed new client bails, or you’ve simply forgotten to take are of yourself and you’re exhausted. Admit it, you can remember a time you needed a pity party.

( I might or might not have had one today when I realized I really am stuck on crutches until I can get a physician to figure out what is up with my knee….)


Step 1–Plan an exit strategy.

There is nothing worse than a pity party that doesn’t end! Figure out what your transition from pity party back to life is going to be. A shower, going for a walk with the dog, going out to eat or some activity that pulls you back into the routine of life and activity.

Step 2–Prepare for the party.

Gather some tissues, a bottle of wine (or beverage of your choice), and chocolate or favorite indulgence. Keep the lights down, and tell everyone to stay away unless specifically invited to the party.

Step 3–Settle into misery

Go over all the ways things are unfair, life sucks, and the future is horrible. Remember to exaggerate at bit or lot if you like drama. -Eat, drink, and spill on your clothes. Never mind a napkin-that’s what t shirts are for. Don NOT text anyone unless they are a very dear and supportive friend.

Step 4–Shake it off

Realize it doesn’t feel so great to be whining any more. Take some deep breaths and remind yourself tomorrow is another day. If you’re so inclined, do some grounding and send all that negative energy into the earth (Gaia is so generous at transmuting all the mucky stuff.) Clean up the remnants of the party and prepare to exit the pity party. Take a few moments for meditation and even a bit of gratitude.

Step 5–Move On

Remember you exit strategy and get moving. Notice how you feel a bit lighter and your brain is beginning to focus on solutions or the next good idea is starting to bubble up. Be careful or you might find yourself smiling or singing a light-hearted tune.

Congratulate yourself on a successful party and Rock On!!