Erica Stepteau, Empowerment & Mindset Coach

Brenda is such a blessing to me, she has been such a great supporter for me as I continue to up- level in my Unstoppable Tenacity movement. She has helped me figure out layers of blockages holding me back from my truest potential and provided digestible and palatable action plans to go to the next level. In addition, her gift as an intuitive healer has been extremely helpful as she physically cleared my chakras on each level of my journey. I have reached out to her several times as an emergency when my energetic vibrations were low and she was available to serve and guide. She even immediately jumped on the phone to discuss my needs and offer support! If you are a women who is on a mission to make major impact with your mission then you definitely need to hire Brenda to be a part of your dream team!

Mariska Anderson, Author

Brenda is a clinical psychologist with her own practice, a trained hypnosis therapist and a transformational coach, as well as an intuitive guide, teacher and shaman.  Basically, she’s a brilliant Priestess with a helluva lot of skills and there are not enough wonderful things I can say about her.

Leimomi Keliikuli, Intuitive Soul alignment Mindset Coach

Brenda has a beautiful way of helping you bring the magic out of yourself. She held space for me to really unlock the messages I needed to hear now in my life and business from my guides and beings that came through. I felt like this veil was liftedand I was able to let divine grace to flow in when I needed it most. Thank you Brenda! Clarity came because of you! 

Steena Brown, Sexual Embodiment Facilitator

You are such a quiet, still, rock of power. It’s inexplicable.