Turn On Your Light


An experiential challenge with Core Code Creatrix Dr. Brenda J. King

You have a vision… sorta.

You want to make a difference  be part of the change happening in the world.

You know you hold your own answers, but it’s a struggle to find clarity.

You get lost in all the noise and end up feeling scattered and distracted.

You even feel like you have all the pieces, but it’s as if you can’t see the path and make things happen.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was looking for a path to realize all the dreams I held. I wanted to make a difference, to live in a way that felt centered in my purpose and desires. I wanted freedom. I wanted meaning. I wanted greater success. But it always felt just out of reach.

 I spent a lot of time checking out what others were doing…  books, challenges, webinars.  I soaked up all the information I could find.

And then I started to look inward. I connected with my own experiences. I learned to listen to my intuition and connect with my Higher Self.

It was as if I had found a FLASHLIGHT that lit up the path I knew was there. I could finally SEE it!

Hi, I’m Brenda. I’m a mentor, guide, psychologist, and business owner. I support women in their journey of self discovery to reach their fullest expression of self. I help my clients grow, heal, and take empowered actions towards their dreams using a mix of science and soul.

and now I want to share what I’ve learned with you


Join me for this 5 day experiential challenge.


You’ll gain:

♦ Freedom

   ♦ Confidence

♦ Knowing

You’ll Get: 

-Daily FB LIve Training and Guided Journey

-Actions to Implement the Tools Taught

-Support in Private FB Group

Walk away with tools you can use whenever you’re in the dark, feeling stuck and disconnected, unable to see the path ahead.

Learn to TURN ON YOUR LIGHT and shine a light for others.

Copyright 2019 Brenda J King