5 Effortless Rituals to Enhance Your Life


Written by: Brenda J King, PhD| Intuition Coach

Mentor for Intuitive Woman--guiding woman in their journey of self discovery to reach their fullest expression of self. I help my clients grow, heal, and take empowered actions towards their dreams. Freedom, ease, joy and abundance ARE an option.

Ritual is about taking intentional action in sacred space to move you in the direction of greater clarity and awareness in your daily life. It is about connected with or creating the sacred.

You can create your own rituals to help bring what’s unconscious into awareness and help you live more intentionally. Rituals can help you live with the questions that you are working through in your life.

You can create your own easy rituals by being intentional and conscious. Think about what you want to achieve and where you need clarity. Incorporate  purposeful actions and thoughts into your daily routines. Notice which parts of your day most often lead to falling into autopilot and create a small ritual to help you be more present at those times.

Here are 5 effortless rituals you can use as a starting point and make them your own.

     1- As you take your shower, take an extra moment or two and visualize your fears and worries being washed away into the drain and leaving your mind clear. You can imagine the energy being transmuted and spreading peace as it moves back into nature.        

     2- Be mindful when you prepare your morning cup of coffee and ask for it to be infused with alertness to the things that matter and awareness of where you can make a difference. As you take your first sips, imagine these channels of knowing opening up and being available throughout your day

     3-When you go for your daily walk, or do your workout, be thankful for all the ways your body has served you and cherish it as a vehicle to move you through this life experience.

     4- Next time you wash your hands, be mindful of all the ways your hands allow you to create, connect, and enjoy life. Be open to particular memories opening up that serve as guidance for you day.

     5- Pop into Facebook, Instagram or elsewhere and take a moment to marvel at the ability to instantly connect around the world. Ask to be guided to connections and information that move you forward your in your life. Set a purpose or intention for you time online. Consider having a closing ritual also that helps you let go of the pointless and deepen what is useful.


Intentionally hold space to invite in guidance, synchronicity and meaning.

Notice the moments in your days that can be enhanced by creating your own mini rituals. Use mind, body and soul as you create these rituals by incorporating thought, action and sacred awareness.

Don’t be afraid to create and use rituals where they are useful and let them go when they have served their purpose. Make these rituals a living changing part of your life.

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