I’ve come to believe that wisdom is not necessarily something one has or holds. Rather it  is a way of being and of seeing the world. Wisdom is also about allowing for and learning to access a connection to that ancient, deep well of all that is and all that ever will be. 

Wisdom comes from being able to integrate knowledge, experience, and deep understanding while having a tolerance for the uncertainties of life. There’s an awareness of how things play out over time, and it brings a sense of balance.

How does one show up in the world from that place of wisdom? How can you connect with the wisdom you hold on a daily basis?

1) Live intentionally and passionately.

A wise woman recognizes that life is meant to be valued and treated as sacred. This doesn’t mean you are meant to live a somber life, but rather to relish it, be purposeful, and live in a way that brings joy and meaning. 

2) Be a student of life

A wise woman knows that experience is valuable. She recognizes the lessons and opportunities for learning that show up in her life. She is willing to change her mind, her beliefs, and her perspective when new awareness comes into play. She learns from her mistakes rather than repeating them. She fosters curiosity and openness to new information. 

3) Be in the moment while aware of the future.

A wise woman is present, as much as she can be, in each moment of her life. She lives mindfully and recognizes that this moment is all she has and yet knows this moment creates ripples that affect her future and those around her. She can find that space of holding the immediate present in balance with the larger picture of life. 

4) Foster relationships that support living wisely.

A wise woman recognizes that wisdom is collective. She knows that who she spends time with has influence on who she becomes. She seeks advice and values expertise from those who have knowledge and experience she has not gained. She shares her knowledge and experience with others. She knows that important decisions are best made with support from others. 

5) Live with awareness of interconnectedness

A wise woman is aware that she is connected to others, the earth, and to the stars. She knows that her actions and choices have consequences beyond her life. She lives with gratitude for the gifts that are provided by this planet we live upon and seeks to give back and protect the balance of nature.  She knows that what she puts into the world gets reflected back to her and treats others as she wants to be treated. 

6) Invest in your spiritual life.

A wise woman knows that the world is made up of more than we can fully understand. She learns to listen and trust her own intuition. She understands that she is part of something much larger than herself. She knows that magic exists in the connection to spirit, however she comes to understand that. 

Wisdom is a way of living, a journey of learning and growing, that cannot be captured in 6 easy steps, but these practices can help as you move forward on the path of seeking wisdom.


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