6 Practices to Develop Wisdom

 I’ve come to believe that wisdom is not necessarily something one has or holds. Rather it  is a way of being and of seeing the world. Wisdom is also about allowing for and learning to access a connection to that ancient, deep well of all that is and all that ever will be. 

Wisdom comes from being able to integrate knowledge, experience, and deep understanding while having a tolerance for the uncertainties of life. There’s an awareness of how things play out over time, and it brings a sense of balance.

How does one show up in the world from that place of wisdom? How can you connect with the wisdom you hold on a daily basis?

1) Live intentionally and passionately.

A wise woman recognizes that life is meant to be valued and treated as sacred. This doesn’t mean you are meant to live a somber life, but rather to relish it, be purposeful, and live in a way that brings joy and meaning. 

2) Be a student of life

A wise woman knows that experience is valuable. She recognizes the lessons and opportunities for learning that show up in her life. She is willing to change her mind, her beliefs, and her perspective when new awareness comes into play. She learns from her mistakes rather than repeating them. She fosters curiosity and openness to new information. 

3) Be in the moment while aware of the future.

A wise woman is present, as much as she can be, in each moment of her life. She lives mindfully and recognizes that this moment is all she has and yet knows this moment creates ripples that affect her future and those around her. She can find that space of holding the immediate present in balance with the larger picture of life. 

4) Foster relationships that support living wisely.

A wise woman recognizes that wisdom is collective. She knows that who she spends time with has influence on who she becomes. She seeks advice and values expertise from those who have knowledge and experience she has not gained. She shares her knowledge and experience with others. She knows that important decisions are best made with support from others. 

5) Live with awareness of interconnectedness

A wise woman is aware that she is connected to others, the earth, and to the stars. She knows that her actions and choices have consequences beyond her life. She lives with gratitude for the gifts that are provided by this planet we live upon and seeks to give back and protect the balance of nature.  She knows that what she puts into the world gets reflected back to her and treats others as she wants to be treated. 

6) Invest in your spiritual life.

A wise woman knows that the world is made up of more than we can fully understand. She learns to listen and trust her own intuition. She understands that she is part of something much larger than herself. She knows that magic exists in the connection to spirit, however she comes to understand that. 

Wisdom is a way of living, a journey of learning and growing, that cannot be captured in 6 easy steps, but these practices can help as you move forward on the path of seeking wisdom.


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Grounding 101 for Soul-Centered Women

Have you ever lain on your back on the grass, watching the clouds move across the sky, and enjoyed the warmth of the sun on you skin?  You were grounding yourself!

Grounding fits both the science and soul of what I do…  

From a psychological point of view, grounding is a technique that helps keep you in the present.  Grounding can help you chill when you are feeling anxious, worry, or overwhelmed with emotion.  

Grounding is also an energy tool. Grounding keeps you connected to your physical body and to Gaia, the earth.  It balances out your energy.  Just like an electrical system needs to be grounded to discharge excess energy and keep energy flowing, so does your energetic system.

It can be easy to get a bit disconnected from the present moment and from the earth given the way we live our lives.  Electronics are a great distraction that contributes forgetting to be present with all 5 senses in our lives.  Staying super busy and feeling pulled in all directions  also can be ungrounded.

If you’re an intuitive and drawn to connecting with the spiritual world, you might find yourself in your head, and in your upper chakras ( circular energy centers that are aligned with our spine) and dis-inclined to connect to this world.  But you are meant to be here, and being connected and balanced energetically actually allows for a higher level of connection to the spiritual realm.

Grounding allows you to connect with the spiritual realm more easily.  It helps you manifest or bring your dreams and desires into the material world.  It provides a sense of stability and security. Grounding also helps you appreciate the richness of your life in this very moment.  Often, if you are feeling out of sorts energetically, emotionally, or otherwise, taking some time to ground yourself can significantly improve how you are feeling.

Some of the signs that you could use grounding include feeling: spacey or scattered, irritable, easily distracted, tired or drained, clumsy, sensitive and responsive to others energy and emotions, disconnected

There are a many ways to ground yourself.  Some are very simple and others can be more involved.  Grounding should become a regular part of your self care.  

Grounding Techniques

Here are some simple grounding techniques to get you started:

  1. Slip off your shoes and walk barefoot for a bit.
  2. Flop down on the grass and lay on your back for a few moments.
  3. Take a walk in nature.
  4. Hug a tree.  Really.  Trees are amazing.
  5. Spend some time playing in the dirt gardening
  6. Play at the beach, Walk in the sand,
  7. Sit and enjoy a sunrise or sunset
  8. Eat root vegetables: potatoes, carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, berries, green beans
  9. Tap on your breast bone, right between your boobs.  Do this lighly and repeat for a few moments.
  10. Carry a crystal (obsidian, smokey quartz, tourmaline, jasper, bloodstone, green aventurine, jet)
  11. Do some yoga
  12. Dance. Move your body to music.

And this is one of my favorite grounding exercises:

Sit with your feet flat on the floor or ground.  Imagine pushing any tension and any negative energy down into your legs out the bottoms of your feet.  Imagine the energy simply flowing into the earth.  Set the intention to allow Gaia to transmute the energy from negative to positive.  You’re likely to find that once you start letting energy flow down into the earth, you begin to feel the energy being pulled out of you.  Sit and let go of negative energy as long as it feels like you need.  Once you are ready, shift the flow of energy so you are pulling up energy from Gaia to recharge and re-energize yourself.  This works when you are feeling emotionally out of sorts as well as energetically off.  

While there are many more tools for grounding yourself and managing your energy, the tools described here will provide a good place to taking care of your energetic self.  

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Prancer and the Littlest Dreamer


Prancer shook his head again.  Yep, there really were Christmas balls hanging from his antlers.  He let out a long deep sigh.  He had to figure this out!

He looked around and saw that he really was standing on a white sand beach with gentle ocean waves rhythmically lapping the beach.  And right there beside him was the youngest most unlikely shaman he’d ever seen–big blue eyes, blonde bouncy curls, and sucking on her two fingers. She looked up at him and giggled at the purple and red Christmas balls clattered together with a sudden gust of wind.

He wondered how it was that for the last week, he would fall asleep, only to find himself in some new and exotic place with this powerful little cherub right there at his side. He had discovered that that her dreams weren’t just dreams. Her dreams resulted in mountains, wheat fields, and jungles… Prancer shuddered as he remembered just how fearful that black panther had been as it leaped into the clearing in the dense jungle forest several nights ago. There were some dreadfully tense seconds until Panther somehow shared his thoughts and reassured Prancer that he wasn’t going to end up being dinner.  

Prancer decided he needed ask for help. He tipped his head, dropping a Christmas ball at the feet of the little girl.  As her attention shifted and she reached for it, Prancer stamped his food and sent out a beacon of energy for Santa.  It was time to summon one of the most powerful shamans he knew.  Not only was Prancer tired of being woken in the middle of the night to discover himself in some unexpected place, but he was concerned that this tiny being would become lost traveling between worlds.

“Ho Ho Ho”  Santa said as he suddenly appeared right in front of Prancer and this little powerful dreamer.  “What have we here?”  With a twinkle in his eye, Santa created a sparkle of stars that strangely smelled like gingerbread and wrapped the three of them in blanket of sparkling energy that carried them to Santa’s office at the North Pole.  

Santa settled into his big leather chair, settling the little girl on his lap.  Next he summoned the elves to help Prancer rid himself of the unwanted decorations on his antlers and brush the sand out of his fur.  Santa also called in one of his apprentices.  

Shelfie the elf agreed to watch over this powerful little being.  He would go home with her and make himself available so that when she started dreaming of other worlds, and shifting energy, she had some guidance and protection.  Santa was going to be busy for the next week and wouldn’t have time to help put together a true spirit team to help this little one learn and travel safely.  

And Prancer needed to get some rest!  He had a very important flight coming up soon and needed to attend to his own energy work. 

With a plan in place, Shelfie and the young girl were placed on Prancer’s back and he dreamed them all back to the little girls room.  Prancer gently flipped Shelfie up on the very top of a bookcase were he could keep an eye on the little dreamer.  He gentled settled the girl in her bed, and snuffled her neck in a good bye gesture as she smiled and quickly fell asleep.

With a flick of his tail, Prancer shifted time and settled into his own warm straw bed bedside Dancer.  As he dozed off, he wondered where dreams began and ended.


5 Powerful Instagram Accounts For Magic, Inspiration and Success

Instagram can be a powerful source for inspiration and some accounts do a wonderful job of deepening the experience.  The following accounts are bit like sampling a bite of a decadent rich dessert.  The images are rich and the accompanying posts have depth, variety, and insight that will make your soul sing and your brain think. Bring inspiration, power and magic into your life to support success by checking out these accounts. Enjoy!

Wild Woman Sisterhood  

This account truly taps into the wild woman vibe.  You will be reminded to love and honer every inch of your messy human experience of yourself.  It is where you will find inspiration to see yourself as powerful, creative and perfect just as you are while also pushing you to step up and expect more of yourself. 


Magical Soul Bitches

Nikki Brocco has a way with words that makes me just want to sink into her writing and live there sometimes.  She is magical at interpreting and sharing  astrological wisdom and guidance.  She is a powerful witch who will help you navigate the energy and cycles of our Universe. I also love Nikki’s unique visual point of view.  Her Instagram feed makes me smile and want more…


Ayila is a wise old soul living as a young mother at the moment.  She keeps it real and makes vulnerability and authenticity beautiful and powerful.  There is always something that will make you think or celebrate life in her posts.  And as with all my favorites, it’s visually rich as well.

The Alchemist and the Lady

The Alchemist and the Lady takes you to nonordinary reality with pictures and story.  You can’t help but believe in the power of magic in your life when you follow here. You’ll love reading about her shamanic journeys and get a glimpse of what it is like to move in between worlds and dimensions and the powerful healing that comes from doing so.


Idil never fails to inspire and empower. At first glance, her feed appears to be everyday inspiration (you know what I mean, right).  But as you stop to read and follow consistently, you’ll find she has her own kind of magic that is perhaps more subtle but nevertheless present.  She will lift you up when you need a boost and give you the fuel to stretch yourself and believe.  

And while you’re adding new accounts, I’d love to have you follow me!  https://www.instagram.com/brendajkingphd/  


Keeping the Happy in Holidays

The hustle begins!  Lists, gifts, baking, get-to-gathers, and crazy schedules!  This next month is filled with the holidays. Often there is much excitement, joy and memory making as well as the opportunity to really sink into the joy of giving and gratitude.  
Even under the best of circumstances, there are often some moments that are just too much! And for many there are difficult moments that accompany the holidays.  It is ever so important not to put self care on the bottom of your lists.
Here are some reminders so you can stay aligned, protect your energy, and enjoy this time of year to the best of your ability:
1) Ground Yourself
Even if you’ve never grounded yourself before, you might be surprised how helpful this can be.  A simple way to ground yourself is to put your feet flat on the floor, imagine sending negative energy and stress down thru the bottom of your feet into the earth.  Gaia, or Mother Earth, is great at absorbing your stress and detoxifying all the negative.  You might even find that you can feel her pulling the stress out of you once you get started. 
Another way to balance your energy and feel better is to tap your breast bone.  Use the tips of your fingers and tap your chest right between your boobs while you take some deep breaths.
2) Create a Magic Bubble of Protection
This one is great if you have a sensitive child, as well as using it yourself. Kids are amazing at using their imagination and taking things at face value. Protecting yourself from others who zap your energy can be the difference between holiday joy and holiday dread.
If you are going to be around a crowd, and particularly if you know you are going to be spending time with people that can leave you feeling drained, create a protective bubble around yourself.  Imagine a shower of gold energy coming down and surrounding you in a bubble of golden light. Set the intention that this light will filter out negative energy and keep others from stealing your energy.  Imagination and intention are powerful when mixed in with believing that what you are creating is real.  You’ll love the difference when you remember to protect your energy.
3) Focus on You
Take a moment and think about what the holidays mean to you.  What are the feelings you want to enjoy? What brings value or meaning to the holidays?  Keep those values and desires at the top of your list. Say yes to the things that match your idea of a wonderful holiday season. Say no to the things that don’t match. 
And when you give into obligation and responsibility, you can still find ways to feel good and do what matters.  There are always new ways to look at things and new ways to do things.  Make the holidays what you want them to be. Find the things that allow you to have fun and enjoy.
4) Cover the Basics
When you are in the midst of hustle and bustle, taking care of your physical self needs to be right near the top of the list also.  Get your sleep, eat healthy with thoughtful indulgences, move your body, and meditate.  Everything is more amazing when your on top of your game and feeling fit.
5) Ignore Your Inner Scrooge
The holidays can be filled with expectations, comparison and demands if you let them.  Your ego is likely to try and bully you into thinking you’re not doing enough or not being enough at some point.  (family issues anyone? )  Send your inner Scrooge a big warm dose of love and plug your inner ears.  No need to listen.  You now know that you are not your thoughts and your thoughts are not always true. 
Listen to your heart, ask for support from your guides, and make time for the people that remind just how amazingly wonderful you are.
Let me know if there is something in particular that you could use support around.  Drop a comment or message me.