5 Effortless Rituals to Enhance Your Life

Ritual is about taking intentional action in sacred space to move you in the direction of greater clarity and awareness in your daily life. It is about connected with or creating the sacred.

You can create your own rituals to help bring what’s unconscious into awareness and help you live more intentionally. Rituals can help you live with the questions that you are working through in your life.

You can create your own easy rituals by being intentional and conscious. Think about what you want to achieve and where you need clarity. Incorporate  purposeful actions and thoughts into your daily routines. Notice which parts of your day most often lead to falling into autopilot and create a small ritual to help you be more present at those times.

Here are 5 effortless rituals you can use as a starting point and make them your own.

     1- As you take your shower, take an extra moment or two and visualize your fears and worries being washed away into the drain and leaving your mind clear. You can imagine the energy being transmuted and spreading peace as it moves back into nature.        

     2- Be mindful when you prepare your morning cup of coffee and ask for it to be infused with alertness to the things that matter and awareness of where you can make a difference. As you take your first sips, imagine these channels of knowing opening up and being available throughout your day

     3-When you go for your daily walk, or do your workout, be thankful for all the ways your body has served you and cherish it as a vehicle to move you through this life experience.

     4- Next time you wash your hands, be mindful of all the ways your hands allow you to create, connect, and enjoy life. Be open to particular memories opening up that serve as guidance for you day.

     5- Pop into Facebook, Instagram or elsewhere and take a moment to marvel at the ability to instantly connect around the world. Ask to be guided to connections and information that move you forward your in your life. Set a purpose or intention for you time online. Consider having a closing ritual also that helps you let go of the pointless and deepen what is useful.


Intentionally hold space to invite in guidance, synchronicity and meaning.

Notice the moments in your days that can be enhanced by creating your own mini rituals. Use mind, body and soul as you create these rituals by incorporating thought, action and sacred awareness.

Don’t be afraid to create and use rituals where they are useful and let them go when they have served their purpose. Make these rituals a living changing part of your life.

5 Common Ways You Sabotage Your Confidence

Confident people are more likely to be successful and enjoy their lives. They inspire confidence in others. Confidence is about believing in yourself and your ability to influence the world around you.

A lot of time and energy is spent on gaining confidence. Much of the work is focused on beliefs and thoughts. It’s important to note your behaviors matter too! The day to day actions and interactions you have can either boost your confidence or destroy it. It’s not just big bold action that is important.

Here are 5 common ways you might be undermining your confidence:

1) Waiting for the other person to speak first.

When you are in a new situation, smile and introduce yourself rather than waiting for someone else to speak to you first. Doing so keeps you from getting lost in your thoughts and feeding any self-doubt. Taking charge of the situation, simply by speaking first, creates positive energy can make others feel good and associate you with the strong positive energy,

2) Shrinking Yourself

You might notice that when you’re feeling intimidated or unsure, you tend to hunch your soldiers, stand out of the way, and avoid bringing attention to yourself. A posture of protection activates your emotional system to be on the alert for danger and fuels anxiety. Go ahead and throw back your shoulders, chin up, and take up space! If you want to learn more about the connection between posture and confidence, Amy Cuddy is a great resource.

3) Failing to Prepare

Confident people prepare for situations. It can be tempting to avoid thinking about something that makes you feel anxious. You might find yourself waiting till the last moment or deciding you have nothing to offer when doing something new, or meeting new people. There is always something you can do to prepare. Do your research, make a plan, and bring something to the situation. It can be as simple as practicing some conversation starters or looking up some publicly available facts about a person or a product.

4) Spending to much time with people that are less successful.

We become like the people around us. If you spend time with people that lack confidence, don’t take action, and are unhappy with their lives, then you will likely began adopting those attitudes. It might feel more comfortable and even confident in the moment, but not in the long run. Take the opportunity when it presents to interact with people that have the confidence and attitudes you desire. Confidence is contagious.

5) Hiding mishaps, mistakes and failures

We’ve all had (multiple) moments when something goes wrong. You spill on your shirt, forget a name, or miss a deadline. Your first urge might be to cover it up and hope no once catches it. But doing so leaves you worrying that someone will notice or catch on. Pretending things are other than they are also leaves you feeling out of integrity with yourself. Own it and move on. You’re more likely to create connection and even admiration by being authentic.

Confidence comes with managing your thoughts, shifting your beliefs, and rewriting old stories. Stepping out side your comfort zone and stretching yourself with new skills and activities are great for building confidence. But attending to your day to day interactions is a key component of living your life with confidence.

Control: The Missing Key to Your Spiritual Life

You might believe that being connected and tuned in to the Universe also means you have to let go of control in your life. If that’s what you’re thinking, it makes sense! So often, we’re told to ‘let go’ and to stop trying to control everything. We’re told to ‘go with the flow’ and let life lead us. That this is how we show our trust in the Universe.

You don’t have to, and you shouldn’t, give up control in your life.

Control can actually be a good thing

The deep need we feel for a sense of control in our lives exists for good reason. There’s a lot of benefits to having some control. We make decisions quicker and more confidently when we feel as if our actions truly influence the outcome. We also tend to stay focused and keep moving towards what we want, even when going through rough times along the way. And when we feel as if we are in charge of the important things, it can be a whole lot easier to relax. And when you can relax, it’s a whole lot easier to hear the inner voice of your intuitive self.

Often helping a client recognize where they have some control in a messy life situation, means they start feeling more empowered. THey are more able to focus on what they truly want and desire rather than just reacting to what’s happening around them.

So what’s it mean to be ‘in control’?

One way to think about it is that you have the ability to manage what happens in your life. You have choices and options available to you. Being in control means you can influence many of the factors in your day-to-day life.

It’s important to recognize that not all control is equal. Generally, you can’t control other people and you can’t control the outcome of situations. Attempting to do so makes you miserable and creates problems rather than improving life.

On the other hand, the more we are in control of our internal state, the better our external world becomes. By controlling your thoughts, attention, and reactions, you start improving your relationships, work, and enjoyment of life. It’s also important to recognize that this self-control isn’t about imposing a whole lot of rigid rules for yourself. It is about developing a flexible responsive way of choosing what’s true for you and what brings you closer to your highest version of yourself.

Areas we can control to make a world of difference in our personal lives:

  • Thoughts– The thoughts you think are self generated, which means you can learn to control them, or at least ignore some of them. Taking charge of your perceptions, attitudes, beliefs, and the stories you tell yourself can create huge shifts in your life.

  • Time– Learning to focus, set intentions, prioritize and make choices about how you want to live your life can greatly influence time in your life. Being intentional about time is powerful.

  • Environment– Taking control of your environment includes the simple things like decluttering and managing your belongings as well as the bigger things like where you will live and work. Taking action to make your environment one that works for you helps you focus, feel better, and follow through on the things you set out to do.

  • Relationships– Nurture the relationships that bring value to your life and that are important to you. Choose who you give your time to and who you do not. Establish healthy boundaries that expand your life.

  • Actions– Choosing your actions rather than being reactive is incredibly freeing and empowering. It is the small daily decisions and actions we take that create our life.

As you take control of your life in the ways described, you are able to feel less stressed and more relaxed. You’re able to focus on reaching for your highest potential. You are in charge of your life more than it is in charge of you.

And when this type of control kicks in, it becomes much easier to make space to truly hear your intuitive self, feel the energy of world around you, and connect with the Universe/God/Goddess/Spirit.

You can start disconnecting from the social constraints you’ve been taught and truly know your desires and wants.

Being in control of yourself gives you power over your life and lets you choose the risks you take. It allows you more freedom to trust yourself, which in turn leads to trusting others more fully.

So this then is the paradox: Learning to be in relationship with our need for control can allow us to more fully let go and receive.

If you want to explore how you can use control as a tool in your life, schedule your Take Charge session with me today and let’s figure out how you can have more ease and play in your world.


P.S. Want to know how to say ‘no’ and feel good about doing so?  Grab my Setting Boundaries PDF here.

5 Things You Can Use to Get Your Energy (and Momentum) Back on Track

Life is a roller coaster.  You’re feeling inspired, focused and all in with the things happening in your life and then it’s as if the bottom dropped out.  Been there, done that, and will do it again I’m sure.

When I first moved into this online business, it used to be that when I found myself in that place that I would get lost on the internet trying to find answers. I’d get stuck in my head, letting the thoughts go round and round.  Or I’d start questioning whether I should just give up on the vision I held, maybe it wasn’t meant for me.

As I continued to work with clients, I started listening to my own advice.  The very same things that had worked for me elsewhere, but I’d forgotten to ‘pack’ when I moved into the online space, started being my go to steps when I hit the inevitable bumps in entrepreneurial life.

Here they are for you:


Often we just want to push bad feelings away. There are oh so many ways to avoid those feelings that aren’t so great. But in pushing them away, you  actually keep yourself stuck. Those unresolved emotions hang around, often getting pushed into your subconscious where you may not even know they are still having an effect on you.  When you sit with your feelings and explore them, you can learn what you need to learn from them. You’ll often find that many emotions are a bit like a wave that comes then goes and you don’t need to do much but just observe and notice. Or you may find they give you a nudge and help you make a shift to a better place. If you feel your feelings, you’re most likely to set yourself free to move forward and call in positive emotions.


There are times we need confront ourselves and get radically honest. If something isn’t working in your life or business, chances are there is something that needs your attention.  Are you truly taking the actions you’ve committed to taking and that you know will get you where you want to go? Are you buying into someone else’s ideas of what you should be doing rather than listening your your heart, your intuition, your higher self?  Are you telling yourself a story that you don’t believe? Take a look in the mirror, have a heart to heart with yourself, and you will set yourself free.


Human lives are messy.  There are so many ways we create messes and then get bogged down in them. But often, the messes in your life also come with a reason to celebrate. Did you just fail at something? Celebrate putting yourself out there and trying! Are you drudging up old stories and making yourself feel bad? How about looking at where you’ve grown, what you’ve learned and the things that have changed and celebrating that instead?! There are always gifts and lessons in the messy moments. Learning to recognize and celebrate them feels great.


Being mindful means being fully present in the moment. If you think about it, most of the time we feel bad because we are either looking back or looking forward and caught up in thoughts about something other than the present moment. Mindfulness allows you to appreciate what is and gets you out of your head and back into an aligned state. Sit with a cup of tea, feel the warmth of the cup, notice the scent of hot tea, enjoy the whole process of making and drinking tea. Practice appreciating the little moments that make up your day. If you can’t enjoy the moments and be present in your life, you’ll never find what you seek as the only thing we ever really have is this moment.


When you’re feeling stuck, taking action is one of the best things you can do. It can be almost any action. Often when we are feeling low energy and stuck, we are either immobilized or caught up in time wasting distractions. Do something different than you are at the moment and preferable something different than your usual choices when you are in a low energy place. Go for a walk. Do the dishes. Call a friend. Write a list of things to do. When you’re stuck in a place of inaction, the hardest thing is to get moving. Once you get yourself moving, it will much easier to start shaping and shifting your actions to get you back on track and back into high energy momentum.

Try these and let me know how they worked for you!

Pumpkin Spice Latte and Success

How is it the end of September already?! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the comfort and ease of leggings and boots, and even pumpkin spice lattes!

This past year has been a rollercoaster ride. At the end of last year, my husband and I unexpectedly became sole owners of our psychology clinic when our partners left for family reasons. I’ve been a clinical psychologist for 18 years, and I love the work, but we weren’t sure if we would be able to keep the clinic going or not.

Fast forward to now, and we’ve not only been able to keep the business afloat, but we’ve also been able to hire 6 additional therapists, 2 new staff members, and buy the building! WOW.

While we were doing all of that, I was also launching my biohacking business to great success. I never thought I’d be having fun as a direct marketer but I kept sharing about the nrf2 activator I found and use, so I made it official and now have a growing group of customers and business builders.

And I’ve been expanding my practice as a coach and healer, bringing together the science of psychology with shamanic work, intuitive knowing, and energy healing. It’s a magical combination and I love helping women like you move into feminine leadership and power.

In addition to one-on-one work, I started offering free monthly distance healing journeys where I connect with Spirit on your behalf and share the guidance and healing with you. And I ran my first round of one of my group program, Spark of Magic, where I lead women into rediscovering their leadership. It’s brought me great joy to watch the women I work with grow and step into their power throughout the year. And I am working on some exciting things  for you that I can’t wait to share in the very near future!

So tell me, what’s the latest in your world? What have you been exploring this year?