Expand Your Capacity // Discover Your More

I work with women who know have a deep hunger to free themselves to do the important work they know they are meant to be doing. Women who want to make a difference and be uniquely themselves. Women who sometimes get so focused on others, or caught up the the success they have created, that they get lost along the way. Together, we get you unstuck and expand your capacity to be fully and uniquely you. You know there is MORE and you can have it. Enjoy the journey while making a difference.

I’m a Mentor. Guide. Healer.  I’m here to empower and inspire. My wish it to hold space and serve as a mentor, guide and healer as you move into the depths of who you are, connect with your true true self, and realize the richness of the gifts you hold.

We are all perfectly imperfect. Our gifts our most often found in the imperfections. I believe that life is a journey and that we all have a purpose. I believe that journey is meant to be lived with joy, curiosity, and passion.

I believe that the more we explore and embrace the fullness of who we are (shadow and light), the richer, more fulfilling, and aligned our path will be.

I am here to hold space with compassion, to serve as a vessel thru which the love and wisdom of the Universe can be channeled, and to make a difference.

And I am here to help you achieve your goals and live an amazing life.




My own life has been a multi-layered journey with the various paths weaving together to bring me to this perfect moment.

I loved my work as an ICU RN but there came a time I wanted something more. I returned to school and obtained a PhD. in clinical psychology.  My husband and I now own a thriving private mental clinic with 15 employess that continues to expand. 

These experiences have provided me with invaluable knowledge and skills.

But even so, I knew there was more I was meant to explore within myself and that there was more I was meant to give.

I sought mentorship and worked with several coaches who gave me the courage to begin integrating the intuitive and spiritual aspects of who I am into my work. I moved into online coaching which is an immensely challenging and rewarding world.

I’ve always felt blessed, even during the inevitable dark passages of my life.  These days I feel that even more so. I am living a purposeful life that is rewarding in all ways.

Supporting others to find the depth of their greatness and the richness of this life is my purpose and passion.

I believe that the world is in the midst of change. Each of us is being called to show up powerfully and fully as our ourthentic selves. It is time to balance the Feminine Divine and the Masculine Divine.

The current matrix of rules and expectations of how life ‘should’ be leaves people depleted, unhealthy and unhappy. We have to face our shadows, connect with the oneness of which we are all part, and rise together and lift each other up. 

It is time for a change and my work is to support you to move ino and through this change with grace and power.

Whether the challenges you face are in your personal life or your work life, I can help you reach your largest goals, find wholeness and wellness, and achieve the ‘more’ that once felt unobtainable.