If Women Rose Rooted

8 Week Guided Book Study





The journey to Authenticity and Belonging 
by Sharon Blackie

You are invited to join me for this 8 week guided book study. Come join a sisterhood of women where you will find encouragement and support to live your most authentic life.

During our eight weeks together you will integrate the author’s wisdom and explore your own soul guidance and cultural myths and stories. You will discover the power of connection, transformation, and nurturing your own deep inner knowing.

Delve into your own values and ways of being in the world to better understand your role as a change maker and light bringer.

The invitation of this time together is to find your place in the world and to rise together, rooted and grounded in connection.

 Week One

Reclaiming Our Stories

Exploring the stories that shape your world and re-discovering the ancient stories of women and wisdom

Week Two

Embracing the Journey

Listening to the call of your heart and stepping into the space of transformation as you lean into the edges of your life.

Week Three


Letting go of dysfunctional thoughts, beliefs, and patterns as you learn to listen to your wise intuitive self.


Week Four

Finding Your Way

Connecting with sources of support and tapping into the wisdom of the natural world as you create your own path forward

Week Five

Creative Feminine

Recognizing and embracing the creative and powerful aspects of the feminine as you reach a new level

Week Six


Bringing together the masculine and feminine aspects of self and finding your most powerful way of moving through life

Week Seven


Embracing your unique gifts and building a sense of connection and belonging in all aspects of your life

Week Eight


Use your experiences as a source of wisdom to become a light in the world that encourages and inspires others to rise rooted

the guided book study:


8 weekly Zoom Meetings Wednesdays at 8:30 pm CST for a brief teaching followed by guided discussion


A private Facebook group for further discussion and connection as we explore and grow together


Weekly journaling prompts, discussions, and additional resources


Zoom meetings will be recorded and sent via email so those that can’t attend live can participate also

Brenda J King, Ph.D.

The world is in the midst of major changes. The way forward will be lead by deeply rooted intuitive women who recognie that healing comes from nurturing intuitive inner knowing and a connection to the natural world.
My work is to guide women in their personal journeys of inner knowing to embrace their connection to ancient wisdom held within their bodies and souls. In this space, vulnerability is strength. Truth is power. Working with the natural cycles and rhythyms of our selves and the world around us  brings creativity and healing.