Discover the power of diving deeper into working with intuition, trusting self, encountering the shadows and step into creating and leading.

Together we will embrace the wild woman inside and connect with truth, strength and power.  You’ll be supported to embody the fullness of who you are and take empowered action.

Come journey to Nonordinary reality to discover the power of intention and imagination to shift your energy, heal old stories, and discover the depth and breadth of the wisdom that is available to you and thru you. You’ll find this space provides a deeply grounded way of discovering the magic you hold and the magic of the world around you.  Develop connections with others who are also on the path of exploring and growing as we learn to usher in a new way of being. Know that this space will evolve and grow with you to continue to challenge and support you on your path.

Who is this space for?

  • You crave a safe space to grow, explore and share as you expand your understanding of energy, spirit and intutitive knowing.

  • You’re ready to explore your intuitive abilities and learn to trust yourself more fully and deeply.

  • You’re curious and want to experience the power of guided shamanic journeys to support your healing and growth.

  • You’ve looking for a way to more fully embody the things you’ve learned, connecting mind, body and spirit.

  • You’ve created success in your life but are looking for something more fulfilling, more purposeful and more aligned.




  •  Clarity about who you are, your gifts and your unique path to creating a successful business and life.                                                                                                                                                          
  • A knowing of your intuitive self that continues to expand as you learn to move through your life more fluidly
  • The ability to hold space for yourself, along with the knowledge and confidence to nurture your continued growth beyond our time together.
  • Powerful shifts in your self awareness and your impact on the world around you. 
  • A sense of alignment with clarity and vision of about your journey through this lifetime. 
  • The ability to trust your intuitive knowing as you navigate life and take waht you learn and make it your own.

Here is what you’ll recieve:

     ➡️Weekly guided journeys

     ➡️Journaling prompts

     ➡️Monthly group coaching call

     ➡️Priority access to me via membership group

     ➡️Exclusive content and trainings for members only

     ➡️Membership only prices for programs and offerings