Elemental Transformation Thru Guided Shamanic Journey

Earth, Air, Fire, and Water are powerful and ancient sources of transformtion.
Journey with each of the four elements to experience the ways in which they are amazing allies who serve as a catalyst to create balance, healing, and positive changes. Whether you are new to journeying or well-practiced, you will find these valuable.
You receive
~ 4 audio recordings to guide you through a shamanic journey for each element
~ a workbook to provide further tools for working with each element



Be the best version of you that you can be. Discover the power of shamanic journeying to untangle patterns and shift energy that slows you down and interferes with living your best life.

These four journeys can be used again and again to help you connect with your inner and and navigate the world with integrity and authenticity. Learn to connect with your full potential.

Enjoy exploring the hidden world of your unconscious and energetic connection to all that is. Imagine, intention, and openness to what shows up are the only thing you need to bring to this experience to the possibilities that exist for you.





I’m Brenda J. King, Ph.D. I’m here to teach woman to nurture their inner knowing. I believe it is deep connection that will make this world a better place. Deep connection to our True Self. Deep connection to other women. And deep connection to the whole of the world around us.

I combine my years of education and work as a clinical psychologist with the studies I have done in shamanism, Toltec wisdom, and energy healing. Science and Soul are woven together to help you navigate your life, form the connections we all crave, and step into your full potential.

I serve as a mentor and guide to woman who are looking for something more. The work we do together touches every level of your being-mind, body, emotions and energy. Self-care and transformation are sacred work. The gifts far outweigh the challenges along the way. You are worthy of the work.










When you sign up you’ll receive an email with links to audio recordings of four guided shamanic journeys, one for each element. Each journey will take about 20 minutes of listening time. You will also recieve a link to the accompanying PDF workbook that provides a brief overview of shamanic journeying and information on the  energetic and transformative energy of each element as well as a list of activities you can use to further work with that element to nurture your inner knowing and make positive changes in your life.