Energy Mapping

Persononalized shamanic guidance and support to open your heart, expand your consciousness, and bring you in touch with your deep inner knowing
It is time to move into the fullest version of you.

If you’ve been questiong who you even are any more,  feel like life is supposed to be more fulfilling and magical, or are ready to step more powerfullyinto a fuller expression of yourself, this Energy Mapping Journey is for you!


Connect more fully with your  own sweet powerful magic and open your heart to the magic around you. 

Deepen into your unique medicine and discover pathways to serve the world by becoming even more of who you are meant to be.  

Clear the places that feel  stuck, stale, and stagnant and reclaim creativity, flow, and joy.  

Discover an energetic map to guide your devotion, discipline, and healing in all areas of your life. 

Step into this journey with curiosity, openness, and willingness.

Use your Energy Mapping to embrace the power of your intuition, deepen your path, and create a life that aligns with your soul’s purpose. Whether it’s transitioning to a more meaningful career, tapping into your spirituality, or cultivating a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you, this Energy Mapping Journeyis a powerful tool to help you do just that. 


Personal Energy Mapping Journey

 Each month I will complete a shamanic journey with your energetic self,  your guides, ancestors, and allies to gather information about the the energy you are meant to work with each month. I’ll also gather information on the energy or themes for the larger areas of your life such as physical well-being, relationships, spirituality, and consciousness. This will be shared with you in a recorded description delivered via email.

Actionable Guidance

You will be given instructions for actions, rituals, ceremonies, or other resources that are aligned with the information that showed up for you.  You are invited to email me if you have questions or need clarity regarding your energy map and all I share with you.

Support and Community

You are invited to email me regarding your energy map each month. I’m happy to provide clarification, answer questions, or hear your insights and response to what is shared with you.

You will be invited to join a Telegram Community of other woman who are receiving energy mapping. This will be a place for connection, sharing, and additional insights and shares from me.

*BONUS*  Watercolor Painting Infused with the Energy of your Personal Energy Mapping Journey

Each month you will recieve an energy infused watercolor painting that holds the energy or essence of your Energy Mapping delivered to you via USPS.

Client Testimonials 



This was so beautiful! I’m loved journeying along side you and wow, you are truly gifted because what you said had so much meaning for me. I’m blown away. 

Thank you, thank you.

Julie S.

Brenda. That was amazing. So, so spot on; so resonant; so beautiful. You are beyond gifted; I am liquid with gratitude. ”

Siona Djik

Brenda is a Sage; a kind soul who is the epitome of comfort and love and direction. 

She uses her gifts in such ease and ability that feels seamless, is authentic, and always right on.

Every session with Brenda no matter how long brings me right back to center, confirms everything I feel, and is exactly perfect.

The wisdom and LOVE she puts into her work is amazing! 

Her intuition is clear, and her abilities are a perfect blend. 

If you’re looking for that personalized touch, Brenda is more than and above.

Lynn J.

This journey is an invitation to be witnessed, held, and heard at soul level as I enter into sacred space for you and with you each month. Use these intuitive sessions to dance the spiral of life from a place of being more deeply attuned with the ancestors, and energy, and your own deep knowing.

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Answers to Common Questions

Do I schedule a time with you each month for my journey?

Your journeys are distance journeys. There is no need to schedule a time, as I connect with your energetic self rather than your physical self. I will give you a general time that I am engaged in your journey. You may choose to relax, meditate, or take some time to yourself during that time, but it isn’t necessary. I do suggest that you drink some extra water and take some time for journaling or introspection the evening of your journey.

What’s your process for the journeys?

I schedule a time for your journey during the last week of the month. These journeys generally take from 45 to 90 minutes. I prepare sacred space through cleansing and prayers, set my intentions, and move into a trance state. I invite your spiritual helpers and guides, as well as your energetic self, to be present with me as I ask questions about what energies and themes you will be working with over the next month. I do any energy work I am guided to do for you. When the session feels complete, I move out of the journey space and close the energetic connections. I then use my notes and record a description of all that came up for your.

What do you mean by actions, rituals, and practices?

Knowledge is most useful when you are able to integrate it and use it. There are a many ways to make this happen, and some will be unique to you related to a specific bit of information. Some of the common guidance provided may include journaling prompts, finding items relevant to the journey, directions for a ceremony or ritual, or a mantra for your use.

What do you mean by ‘larger areas of life’?

Each journey will focus on the overall energy or theme for the month, as well as looking at your work, physical wellbeing, relationships, and areas of growth and transformation.



Energy Mapping VIP Option

Upgrade your experience and add 1:1 coaching session each month.







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