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Take a deep dive into your inner world using oracle cards and psychology. Build a foundation of self-knowledge that allows you to tap into your own innate intuitive wisdom. You hold the key. Learn to trust the answers that come from within for more joy, purpose, and meaning in every aspect of your life. An oracle card guide that will change your life.

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Psychology and Knowledge

Cognitive psychology has a lot to say about the ways we filter and interpret information without being aware of all the processes that come into play before we respond or react to a situation. It’s the way our human brain works. We often don’t think about our thinking until we are prompted to do so in some way. Oracle cards can be one of those prompts that helps us step back and be curious about our own thoughts and the stories we’ve created that might otherwise go unexamined. They can help us bypass limitations and biases in our thinking and open the door to creative and novel ways of seeing the world.

Our relationships and early experiences often shape how we respond in any given situation. Along with cognitive processes, emotions come into play also. Some things simply have not been processed at the conscious level. We haven’t put words and stories to the experiences and learning that has occurred. It may be that there have been no contrasting experiences, so we don’t even realize that our perceptions are solely our own, but also shaped by the collective experience. There are those things we have purposefully put out of our awareness because we just don’t want to go there. If we have had an experience in life and felt embarrassed, shamed, or “bad” in some other way, we might just tuck that experience deep into some pocket of memory. We practice ‘not knowing’. Sometimes we want something, but we think we shouldn’t want it, so we find ways to hide it from ourselves. But those tucked away thoughts, feelings, and desires can hold immense energy. We just don’t recognize it. These hidden influences are the murky field of the unconscious and subconscious. As murky as unconscious and subconscious might sound, there is also a lot of science that supports the idea that we don’t always know what we know. And that there are ways to gain awareness without having to learn the science behind it.

Quantum Physics, Biology, and Possibility
I’ve found that reading quantum physics and the works of leading physicists is incredibly validating of the idea that intuition, energy, and magic are part of our world. This is also true of other hard sciences.

Quantum physics explores both the tiniest aspects of our world and the unified whole of the world as we know it. As a result of these studies, we know that our perceptions of the world are only a part of the picture. We now know that time is fluid and not as absolute as we once thought. Scientists have shown that change can happen simultaneously and instantaneously in a particle halfway around the world when a related particle changes. Simply observing something, changes the thing observed. That steel door you experience as solid and impenetrable, is composed of tiny particles vibrating in space. It is scientifically conceivable that there are multiple dimensions, and we may exist in multiple places at once. Leading physicists believe that our reality may actually be more like a hologram that represents one way of knowing reality.

Biology also provides some expansive ways of thinking about our lives in this world. We know that our DNA holds the history of our ancestors. Life experiences can produce chemical effects in DNA that we pass down to our children. Healing our own traumas can potentially heal even generations backward and forward. Each breath you take holds a molecule of air that Caesar also breathed more than 2000 years ago. Our hearts generate and receive electromagnetic energy and we receive energy form our environment with our heart faster than we do with our brain.

The mysteries of science are beginning to overlap with mystical and spiritual experiences. Soul Science blends the science of psychology, biology, and physics with the more metaphysical awareness of intuition, energy, and a soul connection to something greater than self. It provides a hands-on structured way to explore your inner world and connect with the larger world. And it is a means of nurturing your inner knowing to help you live a powerful and meaningful life.

Everyone has the capacity for intuitive knowing, but if we don’t nurture that knowing we begin to ignore it and forget we can trust it. We no longer hear the gentle voice of our higher self. We tend to miss the subtle ways intuition shows up. Or we dismiss the thoughts, images, or feelings that arise from deep within because it doesn’t fit with what we think we know. Science shows us that we live in a world filled with possibilities and the improbable. It’s time to embrace the possibilities in your life.

Imagine feeling empowered and being able to take charge and make decisions from a centered place of deep inner knowing. Imagine trusting yourself and the subtle nudges of knowing and guidance that can shape your path forward and lead towards your highest good.

Oracle cards can be a wonderful tool for introspection and guidance. And they are just that, a tool. The knowing and the guidance come from you. The cards simply serve as a means of making your own wisdom more accessible. Allow the cards to be a means of facilitating your relationship with your subconscious, your intuition, your inner wisdom, and the energetic world around you. Know that it is a practice that develops with experience and time. It is a way of holding space for yourself and developing self-mastery. We must nurture our connection to ourselves and the well of wisdom from within to create freedom and find magic.

This guide is to help you explore the many ways to understand and use oracle cards. It provides a starting point for you to develop your unique relationship with your intuition and your subconscious.

There can be a great overlap between the subconscious and intuition.

We are here to experience the fullness of being human and to find our way back to remembering who we are at soul level.

My hope is that this book becomes a well-worn resource that ultimately gets discarded as oracle cards become a tool integrated into your daily life.

About the author


Dr. Brenda J. King, Ph.D. is a warm caring seeker and sharer of wisdom. Her understanding of the world brings together science and soul. She spent 15 years as an ICU RN before returning to school and earning a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. She has practiced psychology for 20 years and owns a psychotherapy clinic. She is also intuitive and influenced by Toltec tradition and uses energy healing, journeying, and intuitive readings in her coaching and consulting work. In her free time, you’ll often find her gardening or wandering in the trees accompanied by her dogs. Learn more about Brenda’s experience.

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