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A 12 week group coaching program beginning June 5th.

IGNITE YOUR INNER KNOWING is a journey to intuitive purposeful living. In this group program we’ll be working with psychology and mindset to help you recognize your thought patterns and reshape new ways of thinking about yourself in the world.
You’ll learn how to use your intuition as a means of navigating your life and making everyday decisons as well as the big life changing decisions. You will devolop your connection to the Universe/God/Source and know how to co-create the life you desire. 
You’ll discover the power of dreaming, rituals, energy and embodiment practices to transform insights, thoughts, and desires into reality as you do the work to integrate  all levels of your being.
The knowledge and practices you gain are resources you can return to again and again as you continue to grow and transform your world and the world around you. 
Are you are ready for the next chapter in your life, but you don’t know where to start?

Are you feeling lost as to where life is taking you and wish you had greater clarity about your purpose and path in life? 

Do you find yourself conforming or reacting to others’ expectations and losing sight of your own wishes and desires?

Are you struggling with trusting yourself and the decisions you make because of self-doubt, judgment, and lack of clarity?

Do you love those magical moments of synchronicity, ease, and flow but feel like you have no control over when or where your intuition is available to you?

IGNITE YOUR INNER KNOWING is a 12 week group coaching program integrating science and soul to help you access your intuitive wisdom, partner with the Universe, and create the life you were born to live

Life is a beautiful adventure when you trust yourself and the Universe. You can navigate challenges with grace and ease. Embrace the unknown and allow yourself to open to the infinite possibilities that exist. Ignite Your Inner Knowing, embrace authenticity, and create the life you desire by deepening your intuitive ability and navigating the path of purpose.

You Will:   

  • Build self awareness that allows you to make informed and empowered choices that will uncover your passion and purpose.
  • Drop doubt, self judgment, and fear by developing your intuitive wisdom and developing skills that keep you aligned with your authentic self.
  • Get out of your head and work with your body and soul to overcome old patterns and step into your fully expressed self.
  • Develop the knowledge, tools and practices that can help you meet the challenges of living while remaining true to yourself and your desires.



We’ll play at the intersection of mind, body, and soul where you’ll discover new ways of receiving guidance from your inner wisdom and creating real change through who you are being rather than what you are doing.

We’ll hold space for bringing you into alignment with your truth and your desires. You’ll learn to make powerful decisions that leave you feeling a sense of freedom and hold deeper connections to to self and life.

You’ll discover the value of devotion rather than hustle as a means of building the world you desire for yourself.  Rituals, ceremony, and celebration are sacred tools that call in the wisdom your are seeking.


How This Container Works

You’ll get access to a new module weekly. Each module will consist of a set of teachings and practices delivered via a combination of video, audio, and pdf. You’ll recieve an abundance of teachings and resources.


There will be a weekly zoom call for teaching, coaching, and Q&A. Zoom calls will be recorded and available for replay.


You’ll also have access to a private FB group where I’ll be active in the group to support your work and encourage everyone to share and support each other.

Your Investment


 Payment Plan: $415 x 3 payments

Pay in Full: $1222

Not sure if this is for you? Schedule a call and learn more.

 Who am I?

Brenda J. King, Ph.D.

Guide/Mentor/Wisdom Seeker

Hi I’m Brenda.  I’m a multi-passionate dreamer who has a deep connection to the natural world and the knowing that there we are part of something greater than ourselves.

I’ve spent years studying and practicing ancient wisdom traditions. Quantum physics has been a pathway that helped me fully step into integrating science and soul based practices and bringing all aspects of my learning and experience into work I do with women who are ready for more depth and success in their lives.

I’ve been a clinical psychologist and successful business owner for 20 plus years and have many thousands of hours of facilitating change and growth. I’ve been coaching for the past 7 years and am now expanding my coaching practice.

I live in the country on a handful of acres surrounded by trees and water with my husband, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a small flock of chickens.

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