Instagram can be a powerful source for inspiration and some accounts do a wonderful job of deepening the experience.  The following accounts are bit like sampling a bite of a decadent rich dessert.  The images are rich and the accompanying posts have depth, variety, and insight that will make your soul sing and your brain think. Bring inspiration, power and magic into your life to support success by checking out these accounts. Enjoy!

Wild Woman Sisterhood  

This account truly taps into the wild woman vibe.  You will be reminded to love and honer every inch of your messy human experience of yourself.  It is where you will find inspiration to see yourself as powerful, creative and perfect just as you are while also pushing you to step up and expect more of yourself. 


Magical Soul Bitches

Nikki Brocco has a way with words that makes me just want to sink into her writing and live there sometimes.  She is magical at interpreting and sharing  astrological wisdom and guidance.  She is a powerful witch who will help you navigate the energy and cycles of our Universe. I also love Nikki’s unique visual point of view.  Her Instagram feed makes me smile and want more…


Ayila is a wise old soul living as a young mother at the moment.  She keeps it real and makes vulnerability and authenticity beautiful and powerful.  There is always something that will make you think or celebrate life in her posts.  And as with all my favorites, it’s visually rich as well.

The Alchemist and the Lady

The Alchemist and the Lady takes you to nonordinary reality with pictures and story.  You can’t help but believe in the power of magic in your life when you follow here. You’ll love reading about her shamanic journeys and get a glimpse of what it is like to move in between worlds and dimensions and the powerful healing that comes from doing so.


Idil never fails to inspire and empower. At first glance, her feed appears to be everyday inspiration (you know what I mean, right).  But as you stop to read and follow consistently, you’ll find she has her own kind of magic that is perhaps more subtle but nevertheless present.  She will lift you up when you need a boost and give you the fuel to stretch yourself and believe.  

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