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I connect women with their inner knowing and the energy of the world around them through intuitive life coaching.

As people, we are an open system in which energy is exchanged between us and our surroundings. We are beings with a conscious awareness of our internal and external existence. We are governed by an intuition within our subconscious that makes decisions based on cumulative knowledge and experiences.

My guidance brings you a deeper understanding of intuition and energy that will harmonize your life.

Many women feel they have to prove their worth by doing everything themselves. Some women value their independence so much that reaching out for help seems like a weakness. (It is not.) It’s vital to seek out support from someone who knows how to help you. It’s not okay to hide your stress. You should not be doing everything yourself. Undervaluing your self-worth is harmful.

  • Learn the tools and practices to empower your life
  • Uncover what your subconscious patterns are
  • Receive powerful support
  • Use your imagination and creativity to open up your awareness

Have the courage to reach out.

With my mentoring and guidance, you will benefit from a more spiritual and mindful response to your stress and to reach your goals. My mission is to help every woman who is brave and ready to accept support and nurture her inner knowing.



A vital element of intuition life coaching is in the law of the universe, which affirms everything is made up of energy. Beyond our senses, our experiences, thoughts and actions are connected to everything.

There are many teachings I weave throughout my intuition mentoring programs:

  • Clinical psychology
  • Crystal healing
  • Hypnosis
  • Oracle cards
  • Yoga Nidra meditation
  • Toltec wisdom
  • Shamanism


Enlightenment is a process, not a place.

- Dr. Brenda J. King

Bespoke Mentoring

choose your path

Single Session

or 3, 6, or 9 month Private Mentoring

Private Mentoring includes:

  • 60 minutes sessions tailored to you
  • email or messanger support between calls
  • access to additional recorded mediations and trainings that support your work with me

Bespoke Mentoring


GROUP Programs

Connect with our circle to heal together

Recognizing and activating your intuition will radically transform your life and the world around you. Creating an extraordinary life requires that you step into the unknown and learn to trust that you are supported more than your logical mind can appreciate.  Join me on this journey of discovery and transformation.





Dreams are a portal to our intuitive self, our unconscious, and deep inner wisdom. Join me in this 1-month group program and unlock the mystery and power of dreaming. You’ll learn to engage your dreams as a means of greater self-awareness and transformation.




Shamanic journeys can be powerful additions to your work of self-discovery and healing

Your energetic journey: 

  • Clears your energy and leaves you feeling lighter, more centered, and grounded
  • Provides you with important information and guidance about your way forward
  • Gives you greater self-awareness and empowerment
  • Encourages a sense of alignment with mind, body, emotion, and spirit
  • Shifts to a positive pattern of emotion and thinking
  • Removes blockages or dense energy that is interfering with progress

Group Distance Shamanic Journey

Often words fail us, beliefs get in the way, and the past blocks the future. Our minds shrink our world and disconnect us from our deepest self. A Shamanic journey provides a means of “dropping” into the ancient knowing of spirit and the subconscious. This practice provides access to the wisdom and healing that is waiting to be discovered!

Shamanic journeys are a means of shifting into non-ordinary reality (trance state/spirit world/alternate dimension). They are meant to bring you into direct interaction with energy and spirit guides. You might think of it as your soul traveling to an alternative space where you mingle with other manifestations of energy. You may also think of this as a means of overriding the logical mind and letting yourself explore your subconscious. 

The group synergy adds potency to what is intended to be a simple energetic booster. The messages and symbols that show up for people during this group practice are known to be so on target. Everyone receives a richly descriptive recording of the journey at the end.


Next Group Journey Scheduled April 5th 2023


Earth is all about being fully embodied, authentically you, abundant, grounded, and strong. Here you discover the gift of comfortably transforming through the seasons of your life. Earth connects you to the mothering energy of Gia where you find acceptance, self-love, and trust. You learn the art of nourishing your whole self and feeding the depths of your being.


Air is all about clear knowing, discernment, logic, expressing yourself, and being able to lead. Here you discover the gift of clarity and being able to envision your place in the world from a larger point of view. Air connects you to your ability to see through the eyes of Eagle and being present to possibility, promise, and potential. You learn the art of wisely navigating the pathways of your most fully realized life.


Water is all about hearing the unspoken, seeing the invisible, embracing your instinctual self, and being receptive. Here you discover the gift of being in flow and allowing things to bubble into awareness to used for healing, creating, and being. Water connects you to the feminine aspects of self where vulnerability is strength and love and compassion strengthen you. You learn the art of being open and receptive as you develop your intuitive wisdom and flowing with what is to live a powerfully aligned life


Fire is all about embracing your passion, holding boundaries, being courageous, and getting things done. Here you discover the gift of letting go of what was to powerfully create what will be. Fire connects you to the power of pursuing your desires with focus, truth, and purity of intent.  You learn the art of being intentional with your energy and focus to create powerful transformations.


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“What if the work isn't to find and hold all the answers, but rather to reach a place of curiosity, of grace with your own truth seeking, and create a powerful ease with your own intuitive knowing.”

~ Brenda J. King