The hustle begins!  Lists, gifts, baking, get-to-gathers, and crazy schedules!  This next month is filled with the holidays. Often there is much excitement, joy and memory making as well as the opportunity to really sink into the joy of giving and gratitude.  
Even under the best of circumstances, there are often some moments that are just too much! And for many there are difficult moments that accompany the holidays.  It is ever so important not to put self care on the bottom of your lists.
Here are some reminders so you can stay aligned, protect your energy, and enjoy this time of year to the best of your ability:
1) Ground Yourself
Even if you’ve never grounded yourself before, you might be surprised how helpful this can be.  A simple way to ground yourself is to put your feet flat on the floor, imagine sending negative energy and stress down thru the bottom of your feet into the earth.  Gaia, or Mother Earth, is great at absorbing your stress and detoxifying all the negative.  You might even find that you can feel her pulling the stress out of you once you get started. 
Another way to balance your energy and feel better is to tap your breast bone.  Use the tips of your fingers and tap your chest right between your boobs while you take some deep breaths.
2) Create a Magic Bubble of Protection
This one is great if you have a sensitive child, as well as using it yourself. Kids are amazing at using their imagination and taking things at face value. Protecting yourself from others who zap your energy can be the difference between holiday joy and holiday dread.
If you are going to be around a crowd, and particularly if you know you are going to be spending time with people that can leave you feeling drained, create a protective bubble around yourself.  Imagine a shower of gold energy coming down and surrounding you in a bubble of golden light. Set the intention that this light will filter out negative energy and keep others from stealing your energy.  Imagination and intention are powerful when mixed in with believing that what you are creating is real.  You’ll love the difference when you remember to protect your energy.
3) Focus on You
Take a moment and think about what the holidays mean to you.  What are the feelings you want to enjoy? What brings value or meaning to the holidays?  Keep those values and desires at the top of your list. Say yes to the things that match your idea of a wonderful holiday season. Say no to the things that don’t match. 
And when you give into obligation and responsibility, you can still find ways to feel good and do what matters.  There are always new ways to look at things and new ways to do things.  Make the holidays what you want them to be. Find the things that allow you to have fun and enjoy.
4) Cover the Basics
When you are in the midst of hustle and bustle, taking care of your physical self needs to be right near the top of the list also.  Get your sleep, eat healthy with thoughtful indulgences, move your body, and meditate.  Everything is more amazing when your on top of your game and feeling fit.
5) Ignore Your Inner Scrooge
The holidays can be filled with expectations, comparison and demands if you let them.  Your ego is likely to try and bully you into thinking you’re not doing enough or not being enough at some point.  (family issues anyone? )  Send your inner Scrooge a big warm dose of love and plug your inner ears.  No need to listen.  You now know that you are not your thoughts and your thoughts are not always true. 
Listen to your heart, ask for support from your guides, and make time for the people that remind just how amazingly wonderful you are.
Let me know if there is something in particular that you could use support around.  Drop a comment or message me.