Whitney Mullings, Business and Brand Therapist

“Brenda asks powerful questions and holds an incredible amount of space allowing you to go within. She’s an experienced psychologist for sure, but it’s her intuition that makes her so unique. I feel she sees right through on what I didn’t say in words and steering the direction to look at my subconscious. I love most Brenda is kind and approachable. I highly recommend Brenda, she’s a gem!“

Siona van Dijk

“Brenda. That was amazing. So, so spot on; so resonant; so beautiful. You are beyond gifted; I am liquid with gratitude. ”

Ayila Hall of Bestowing Harmony, Intuitive & Vibrational Healer

“My experience was exactly what I needed to spark me back into my spiritual/psychic/magical flow with life and my inner state. I was able to uncover blockages that were holding me back, and I felt many inner shifts– especially during 1:1 check-ins with Brenda. The intimate setting with only a few other women allowed close connections to form, and it felt like a weekly women’s circle during our zoom calls. Brenda facilitated the group lovingly, and she really supported each of us individually as well. I am sure I will participate in future offerings of Brenda’s also.“

Mariska Anderson, Author

Brenda is a clinical psychologist with her own practice, a trained hypnosis therapist and a transformational coach, as well as an intuitive guide, teacher and shaman.  Basically, she’s a brilliant Priestess with a helluva lot of skills and there are not enough wonderful things I can say about her.

Briena Sash, Wellness Stock Shop

Wow! I have to give a major shout out to Brenda J. King. A few days ago I asked for advice for working through upper limit issues. Brenda so awesomely offered to chat with me, and helped me to really clarify where my issues are coming from… within just 20 minutes! That’s a major step to being able to face and work through the issues… I am so grateful Thank you so much Brenda! 

Steena Brown, Sexual Embodiment Facilitator

You are such a quiet, still, rock of power. It’s inexplicable.

Erica Stepteau, Empowerment & Mindset Coach

Brenda is such a blessing to me, she has been such a great supporter for me as I continue to up- level in my Unstoppable Tenacity movement. She has helped me figure out layers of blockages holding me back from my truest potential and provided digestible and palatable action plans to go to the next level. In addition, her gift as an intuitive healer has been extremely helpful as she physically cleared my chakras on each level of my journey. I have reached out to her several times as an emergency when my energetic vibrations were low and she was available to serve and guide. She even immediately jumped on the phone to discuss my needs and offer support! If you are a women who is on a mission to make major impact with your mission then you definitely need to hire Brenda to be a part of your dream team!