Prancer shook his head again.  Yep, there really were Christmas balls hanging from his antlers.  He let out a long deep sigh.  He had to figure this out!

He looked around and saw that he really was standing on a white sand beach with gentle ocean waves rhythmically lapping the beach.  And right there beside him was the youngest most unlikely shaman he’d ever seen–big blue eyes, blonde bouncy curls, and sucking on her two fingers. She looked up at him and giggled at the purple and red Christmas balls clattered together with a sudden gust of wind.

He wondered how it was that for the last week, he would fall asleep, only to find himself in some new and exotic place with this powerful little cherub right there at his side. He had discovered that that her dreams weren’t just dreams. Her dreams resulted in mountains, wheat fields, and jungles… Prancer shuddered as he remembered just how fearful that black panther had been as it leaped into the clearing in the dense jungle forest several nights ago. There were some dreadfully tense seconds until Panther somehow shared his thoughts and reassured Prancer that he wasn’t going to end up being dinner.  

Prancer decided he needed ask for help. He tipped his head, dropping a Christmas ball at the feet of the little girl.  As her attention shifted and she reached for it, Prancer stamped his food and sent out a beacon of energy for Santa.  It was time to summon one of the most powerful shamans he knew.  Not only was Prancer tired of being woken in the middle of the night to discover himself in some unexpected place, but he was concerned that this tiny being would become lost traveling between worlds.

“Ho Ho Ho”  Santa said as he suddenly appeared right in front of Prancer and this little powerful dreamer.  “What have we here?”  With a twinkle in his eye, Santa created a sparkle of stars that strangely smelled like gingerbread and wrapped the three of them in blanket of sparkling energy that carried them to Santa’s office at the North Pole.  

Santa settled into his big leather chair, settling the little girl on his lap.  Next he summoned the elves to help Prancer rid himself of the unwanted decorations on his antlers and brush the sand out of his fur.  Santa also called in one of his apprentices.  

Shelfie the elf agreed to watch over this powerful little being.  He would go home with her and make himself available so that when she started dreaming of other worlds, and shifting energy, she had some guidance and protection.  Santa was going to be busy for the next week and wouldn’t have time to help put together a true spirit team to help this little one learn and travel safely.  

And Prancer needed to get some rest!  He had a very important flight coming up soon and needed to attend to his own energy work. 

With a plan in place, Shelfie and the young girl were placed on Prancer’s back and he dreamed them all back to the little girls room.  Prancer gently flipped Shelfie up on the very top of a bookcase were he could keep an eye on the little dreamer.  He gentled settled the girl in her bed, and snuffled her neck in a good bye gesture as she smiled and quickly fell asleep.

With a flick of his tail, Prancer shifted time and settled into his own warm straw bed bedside Dancer.  As he dozed off, he wondered where dreams began and ended.