One definition of quantum leap is a radical strong shift from one mindset to another. There are a lot of small steps and hard work that take place, but at some point an instant large shift occurs.

Think about some of the things you have done that scared you and yet you so wanted to do it. Chances are you HAVE taken a quantum leap in your life. It might have been finally quitting a job to pursue your dreams, committing yourself to a project, or investing in yourself or your life. Sometimes a quantum leap is as simple as jumping in the lake or going for a run.

There are some factors that go into making a quantum leap and reaching for that big scary goal.

1) Nurture the dream. Imagine it happening. Dive into the idea and spend time with it. Surround yourself with things that match your dream.

2) Educate yourself. Prepare yourself by prepping and being ready for something new and different. Learn everything you can. Find out how other people did what you want to do.

3) Find your people. Every big dream takes a support team. You need believers, cheerleaders, and even a realist who keeps you grounded in a loving expansive way.

You might be amazed at what you can achieve if you set yourself up and do the work to be ready to take that quantum leap.

What do you need to make your next quantum leap?