Shamanic Healing Journeys

Shamanic Journeys and Healing

 Shamanic journeying can be used to receive guidance and find answers to personal questions.  These journeys bring about healing indirectly and can be used for specific healing purposes.

Shamanic healing journeys involve assisting a client to move through things happening in their life. They assist with shadow work and finding the gifts that are often hidden within the rejected or hidden aspects of self.  Journeys can be used to find more purpose, clarity, and balance.

Some of  the outcomes you might expect:

  • clears  your energy and leaves you feeling lighter and more centered and grounded
  • provides you with important information and guidance about your way forward
  • provides greater self-awareness and empowerment
  • encourages a sense of  alignment (mind, body, emotion, and spirit)
  • shifts persistent patterns of  emotion and thinking
  • removes blockages or dense energy that are interfering with growth
  • provides insight and healing related to past events and traumatic events




Individual Shamanic Distance Healing Session


Individual distance sessions include a shamanic style journey completed with your energetic essence and holding any intentions you have for the journey. Upon completion of the journey, I will record a vivid and detailed description of all that occurred during the journey and send it to you. You will be provided with any instructions that will be useful to ground the experience into reality and realize the full benefits of what occurred in the Otherworld for your benefit. 




Shamanic Journey Session with Client


A typical session includes a conversation to determine what  you are seeking and want to address thru use of the shamanic journey and what can be done for your highest good. A shamanic journey explores the energetic roots of your current state, guidance from helpers, an energetic release, and a closing conversation to ground the spiritual work into reality for tangible and practical results. You’ll also recieve two weeks of email or PM support as you process and integrate your journey.