Spark of Magic is all about self discovery for those who are already on their own personal journey.

 It is for those of you who are wanting support, structure, and tools for doing the deeper work to free yourself from self-imposed and learned limits.  Be prepared to stretch yourself, dance with your shadow, and rediscover your spark of magic. And be prepared to play along the way.

If you’re reading this, you’re meant to be here.  You’re meant to reconnect and experience your abilities to shift energy and connect with the shaman, priestess, or other healing aspects of yourself.

 It is for you if you are on a journey of growth and self development, and are ready to mix a bit of science and source.  

You may feel stuck, limited and unable to express what it is that you are feeling so ready to move into.  Or you may find yourself caught up in the demands and expectations of everyday life that hold you back and keep you doubting your right to expect something different, something more. Yet, deep down, you know that you have unlimited potential that is untapped and ready to be expressed.

You haven’t fully been ready to trust your heart.  You don’t always know or trust that it is your inner wisdom speaking to you.

But you know that it is time to step forward.  You know you are needed in the world.  And you know you have something to offer the world.  

There never is a perfect time.  But sooner is better than later. 

Spark of Magic is a program designed to help you step into your intuitive knowing and learn to trust your inner wisdom. It is designed to give you space and structure to anchor yourself in your own wisdom and set yourself up for success. You will learn to use tools that can help provide clarity and build confidence.

This program is about holding space for yourself and learning to look inward for answers as you move towards your full potential. You’ll learn to listen to you heart and to trust yourself in ways you haven’t before. You’ll receive support to take action action in your day to day life. You’ll build self awareness, expand your consciousness and trust yourself as you take action towards your goals.

You’ll be provided with prompts and support to ask yourself the questions to help you let go of old patterns and develop a more empowered way of being in the world. The work is experiential. You will be provided with guided experiences of deep relaxation and altered consciousness to enable a different way of being to evolve.


You’ll receive a welcome packet in the mail. This packet will include a deck of oracle cards, crystals, a pendulum, and sage. The items in your welcome package are a means of connecting with intuitive knowing and creating routines that support your ability to use intuition to guide you. We will also work with energy to help you create an energetic vibration that is aligned with your goals and dreams. We will be meeting online with Zoom and this will be recorded so that you can access it again at your leisure as you are incorporating new knowledge into your practices.


Are you ready for an amazing opportunity to invest in your personal development and emerge more empowered, able to use your intuitive knowing, connect with your Higher Self, and gain personal insight as you move towards your goals and dreams?
You can expect to feel more confident and more able to take action even when that requires stepping outside your comfort zone. You will see more possibilities in your life. You will find your life or business shift in a positive manner.
Week 1
Introduction, Goal Identification, and Addressing Strengths and Fears
Week 2
Managing and Protecting Your Energy, Weathering Change and Challenges, Introduction to Oracle Cards, Pendulum, and Crystals as Tools to Support Your Expansion
Week 3
Clearing Energetic and Mental Space, Creating Routines and Rituals of Support for Yourself
Week 4
Energy Awareness, Working with Your Inner Child and Shadow Aspects
Week 5
Asking and Receiving Intuitive Answers, Practice with Oracle Cards and Pendulum to Gain Confidence
Week 6
Integrating What You Have Learned, Working on Goals, Taking Inspired Action
Week 7-8

Follow Up, Supporting Goals and Action, Use of Tools

You will receive:

 private FB group

 weekly zoom meetings

 FB lives

PDF worksheets

ongoing support within the group.

Everyone gets a welcome package mailed to them which will include your own deck of oracle cards, crystals, pendulum, and more.  You also will have a 30 minute individual coaching call.


Early Bird Bonuses 

if you purchase before September 15 include (value $594):

1 distance healing session ($297 value)

one 60 minute individual coaching session ($297 value)

Your Investment


What Clients Are Saying


Brenda knows her stuff and I recommend her if you want clarity, healing and results. Brenda helped me release and let go of what was blocking me from receiving abundance. She intuitively confirmed the direction I wanted to go in my business and shared ideas to help me market myself. Brenda also shared three big themes for me and everything really resonated 1000%. Ultimately, Brenda helps you confidently follow your heart. After all, it already knows what you want!

Tandy Elisala

Leadership Coach, Tandy Elisala

Nothing you do in this life will have lasting results if your mind isn’t where it needs to be. I don’t care if we’re talking in business, weight loss, whatever.  I have to brag on my Mindset Coach today. It takes a long time to reverse 35 years of thought patterns that aren’t serving me but Dr. Brenda J. King has helped me immensely in our short 6 weeks together. I feel so much better about where I’ve been and where I’m going! No matter what place you’re in right now, EVERYONE can benefit from a mindset coach!

Lindsay Moore

Moxie Fitness

Ahhhhh the powerful awesomesauce that is Brenda J. King <3

Just one call and she instantly highlights how to shift and move into your power, so in tune, I am SO grateful <3

Natalie Jenkins

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