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Oracle Cards

Find clarity and guidance. Oracle cards open your mind and tap into your intuition. In times of uncertainty, ease your fears and anxieties.


Creating Altars

Altars are used in spiritual or religious ceremony. Use them for creativity, spiritual growth, guidance, and gratitude in a personal ritual space. Feel magic.



Answer questions, get insight, and clear energy. Your pendulum is a transmitter and connects to your inner-knowing; it cuts through the noise to help you move forward with solutions. 


Crystal Healing

Crystals are a metaphysical medicine cabinet ready to support your mind, body, and spirit. Use them to boost energy, clear negativity, or heal ailments. The vibrations support your well-being.


Spiritual Cleansing

Burning sage purifies bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It is used as a spiritual tool to enhance your intuition and also clear negative energy. This tool is used as a mood booster as well! 


Sound Healing

Sound healing benefits include lowering blood pressure, easing tension and stress, balancing mood, healing pain, strengthening focus, inducing an entranced state, and treats a number of conditions.


Crystal Grids

Supercharge your intuition and intentions with crystal grids! By matching several different crystals and their vibrations together you enhance their power of healing as a collective.



Use the power of candles when you need to use your energy aura to heal, pray, meditate, and connect with the divine spirit. Lighting candles is a signal for help and will help you focus on intention.



Improve your mental clarity and connect with your subconscious through journaling. This practice will help you see yourself more clearly and help you step out of unwanted patterns.



Through scent, our brains can be triggered to heal. You can improve sleep, focus, joy, energy, and overall mental clarity. Combat depression, inflammation, pain, and emotional harmony. 

Spiritual Practices


Toltec Rituals

Through the Toltec teachings, your practice can help you connect with nature, intuition, and your own inherent wisdom and divinity. A true path to happiness and healing that transforms you.



This spiritual practice creates harmony within you and the universe. Enhance your intuition and connect deeply with your soul purpose. Harmonize soul, spirit, and mind through nature and self.



Increase your self-awareness and intuition through the practice of meditation. Reduce your pain, anxiety, and depression while increasing creativity, self-worth, and focus.



Uncover the secrets and answers that are already within you and unlock your subconscious mind. Conquer negative habits, unleash creativity, change your perceptions, and connect with spirit. 


Warrior Goddess

Become the woman you are meant to be through honoring and loving yourself first. This practice draws on the wisdom from Buddhism, Toltec wisdom, and ancient Earth-based goddess spirituality. Warrior Goddess practice and training will allow you to shed unwanted layers and empower you. 


Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra connects you with your natural resting state and focuses on a deep meditative state while lying down. Effective at reducing anxiety and stress. Shifts you between a sleeping and waking state that helps you achieve a higher state of mind to see beyond your normal perception.

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