My Philosophy

Spiritual Guide for Women

Toltec Shamanism

Philosophy means, “love of wisdom”. It is the pursuit of truth, knowledge, and wisdom. We as people seek the necessary truths about ourselves and our relationship to the world and to each other. Through my teachings and practices, philosophy has led me to Toltec Wisdom.

Toltec wisdom connects you to your own inherent wisdom and divinity.

The Toltecs saw the nature of reality as an illusion. They realized how life was lived through our social domestication. Molding our thoughts, limiting beliefs, and fixing our perceptions. Toltec Wisdom was created to give people the tools to achieve personal freedom.

Powerful concepts & benefits within Toltec teachings:

  • Facing life challenges as a warrior
  • Following a heart-centered path
  • Healthier relationships with others
  • The collective dream of our world
  • Reducing self-importance
  • Erasing personal history
  • The path to achieving happiness
  • Turning pain into peace
  • Knowing yourself deeply
  • Your life is based on love and not fear
  • Awakened life
  • Freedom to be yourself


The Toltec philosophy is based on the belief that life is a dream and that we are always dreaming, even when awake.

Toltec Wisdom

Shamanism teachings are derived from the truths of nature. It is not just about one individual but an entire community. This community includes all of life… plants, animals, people.

This spiritual practice creates harmony within you and the universe. The best results are achieved with a consistent commitment to your practice.

We revitalize and awaken the energy of the world by celebrating all that is within it.

Powerful concepts & benefits within Shamanism practice:
  • Trusting your intuition
  • Enthusiasm and strength
  • Control addictions and unwanted patterns
  • Stronger spiritual connection and soul purpose
  • Heal from trauma
  • Change negative thought patterns
  • Harmonize soul, spirit, and mind
  • Joyfulness
  • Improve physical ailments
  • Strengthen immune system

These teachings have enriched my life and have created many successful client and patient experiences. Learn more about Dr. Brenda J. King, Ph.D.