A sacred container of learning, support, reflection and healing


Just like a regular book club, we will read one book a month. You’ll be invited to join the private Facebook group Wisdom Seekers where the book discussions will take place. You can drop in as your are able, when you are able to take part however fits for you. It’s a great opportunity to develop rich connections with like-minded women as we continue to find ways to thrive despite a pandemic. Learn together. Grow together. Laugh together. The books will center around topics such as self awareness, being authentic, developing intuitive knowing, and empowerment. 


Why a book club? While I am writing my book, I am calling in women who like to read; women who are leaders, healers, business owners, and wisdom seekers; women who are ready to work towards a better world. And as you get know me, I will get to try out the ideas, themes, and theories as my book takes shape. 


  • A community with book lovers, wisdom seekers, and ME
  • Facilitated conversations for deeper exploration of the themes and teachings in each book
  • Experience & embody the learnings/teachings
  • Many extras such as coaching, worksheets, meditations, Zoom gatherings



 Wisdom Seekers Book Club begins February 1, 2021 




No commitment. Pay by the month. Come and go as you please.



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Hosted by Brenda J King, Ph.D. ~ Mentor. Guide. Healer.

energyI’m Brenda J King, Ph.D., a mentor, guide, and healer for intuitive high achieving women who feel the call of something within that is ready to emerge. I interweave science and soul to support you in your journey to deeply trust your inner wisdom. tI’ll guide you through exploration  of the heart of who you are, support centered connection with your intuitive knowing, and help you create the rich purpose driven life you desire.  It’s time for you to reach the fullest expression of self. Expand, heal, and take empowered action. Freedom, ease, joy and abundance ARE an option.

I have been a clinical psychologist for 15+ years. My husband  and I own a thriving psychotherapy clinic. I began online coaching as it gave me the freedom to integrate shamanism, intuition knowing, and energy work with the science of psychology while changing even more lives. I’m on a mission to help women claim the power of their inner wild woman and make the world a better place.